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How to get your YouTube video captioned by Deluxe:

Contact our Customer Service representatives to confirm the details of your project:

Provide us with your video file
  • We can work with all tape and electronic file formats.
  • To ensure our captions match your final video on YouTube, we suggest you download a copy of your video (MP4) from YouTube directly to provide as your video reference.
  • If sending us a digital file (MP4), your customer service representative will provide you with our FTP information so that you may upload your video directly to our server.
  • If sending a physical asset (tape), we will send you our contact information so that you may ship us your materials.

We will produce a caption file for your video and deliver it to you via email.
Standard turnaround time is 3-4 business days from receipt of payment.

To upload the Captions on YouTube:

  • On your YouTube video, click on ‘Captions.’
  • Click on 'Add new captions or transcript'.
  • For captions, add the caption file (.srt). Check the box 'Caption File (includes time codes)'.
  • For a transcript (no timecodes), select the plain text file (.TXT). Check the box ‘Transcript File’.
  • Choose English and hit 'Upload File.'

Your video will now have a caption track that can be activated by clicking on the "CC" button at the bottom of your video.


English Captions: $8/minute, $80 minimum per caption file

Captions are delivered as timecoded SRT files.

English Transcription services: $5/minute, $50 minimum per transcript

Transcripts are delivered as TXT files without timecodes.

We translate into over 52 languages. Contact us for your international subtitling and captioning needs.